Collaboration Quotes & Sayings

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Collaboration is when several parties join hands to complete any particular business venture or any ordinary task. Synergy or combined energy is the basis of collaboration. Collaboration always increases work efficiency and reduces the time required for task completion. Good designs begin with creativity and pose several tough questions but can be timely accomplished with collaboration and hardcore dedication. Collaboration goes a long way in effective task accomplishment. "Every sin is the result of collaboration (Anonymous)." This quote very well reflects that collaboration can be used to accomplish devilish tasks as well like murders, thefts and rapes. Gangs roam about scot free in the city and indulge in all sorts of wrong doings. It is therefore important that such gangs are nabbed by the policemen and brought to book. Sins resulting from collaboration and combined groups of some hooligans should be brought to an end so that collaboration is always considered a boon.



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