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The status of being a princess is a great feeling and an envious one too. Those who view it from outside, will long to be a princess, and of the opinion that they are the luckiest in the world. But they are also women and humans who too have feelings, wishes and ambitions that are not fulfilled. Jennie Jerome Churchill, who was the mother of Winston Churchill once said, “You may be the princess or the richest woman in the world but you cannot be more than a lady”. The pomp, the respect, the adulation, and the privilege of a princess will all boil down to the fact that she is a woman or a mother when it comes to the personal life. Take the instance of Princess Diana who was adored by the people of the world but she was contended to be the proud mother of two sons and was a family loving princess. She always wanted to help the needy and the sick and found solace and satisfaction in public service. This is the other side of princess. Read these quotes which throw light on the life of princess.



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