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Husband is the name given to a female’s better half when she gets married. The husband and the wife are a married couple who make some vows to each other while getting married. Marriage is a life-long relationship between a man and woman which requires great understanding and trust between the couple. After getting married, the husband and wife plan out a family and give birth to children. A family is the basic building block of a society. In the words of Eleanor Roosevelt, “I used to tell my husband that, if he could make me 'understand' something, it would be clear to all the other people in the country.” A husband should have a great level of understanding with his wife. He should not be domineering and subjugate his wife rather he should share a great equation with her. When there is love and happiness between the husband and the wife, there is peace and prosperity in the life. The husband should pledge complete loyalty or fidelity to his wife and family. The more committed the husband is, the better is the state of the family. According to Voltaire, “The husband who decides to surprise his wife is often very much surprised himself.”


Evans Amecha

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