Birth Quotes & Sayings

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Birth marks the start of anew beginning but the irony is it is not in our hands. Birth is something that happens without our permission since we do not choose birth or death. Birth of a baby is the most beautiful thing in this world as a baby is the embodiment of innocence, beauty, joy, pleasure and in need of total care. The mother sacrifices her own self and her desires, food habits, pleasures for the sake of giving birth to her child in the best possible way. Birth is a miracle for midwives, though medical professionals think that it s just another form of a medical phase. Any advancement in science and technology can never take away the right and choice of a woman giving birth to a baby which though the toughest job, she accepts it with a smile on her face. Giving Birth is a beautiful feeling and as princess Diana said, “if the choice is given to men, they would do it only once in their lives”.



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