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Cricket is the most popular game in a majority of the countries. Born in England, the immense interest of cricket has made it popular in many nations where it has become more of a passion, a dream and a part of their blood stream. Great stalwarts like Allen Border, Sunil Gavaskar, Sachin tendulkar, Vivian Richards, Greg Chapel and a long list of popular cricketers have added greatness to the game, not to forget Sir Don Bradman. Though it takes on the nerves in nerve clinching games, the game of cricket is itself a stress reliever and a great entertainment for millions of fans the world over. “Most games are skin deep but cricket goes to the bone “is the saying that epitomizes the fervor of cricket. Whether you win or lose the game or it ends in a tie, it is the game of cricket that always wins. Here are quotes on cricket by popular cricketers and read them and enjoy them.


Sourav Ganguly

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