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Power is the ability, strength or the capacity to do something. We say knowledge is power. But there are other kinds of power too like physical power, mental power, financial power, ruling power and so on. If the power falls on the wrong hands, it will only lead to more disaster because power corrupts. “The greatest secret of power is never to will to do more than you can accomplish’ said Hen rick Ibsen. It is appropriate to think of the great mathematic Blaise Pascal’s words on power. “Justice and power must be brought together so that what ever is just, may be powerful and whatever is powerful may be just”. But looking at the positive aspects, it is possible to do a whole lot of good if the power falls on the hands of the right person who is selfless and does good deeds for the society. Here is an excellent compilation of quotes on power. Read them and think over.


Walter Ngele

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