Realism Quotes & Sayings

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Realism is practicality. More often than not, we fail to see the realism in our day to day life and move around in an imaginative world. The tinsel world is full of fantasies and imagination. Realism has no meaning there. But down to earth approach is the best as far as life is concerned. Realism in its practical form gives us to confidence to face any untoward incident, be prepared for the worst and make up the mind for the worst to happen. When realism strikes us, we will be disappointed. This is the best approach to most of the things in life. “Realism is simply romanticism that has lost its reason….that is, its reason for existing ‘said GK Chesterton. This sums up the idea of realism. Read these quotes on realism and make up your mind to face the challenges’ that exist in this competitive world.


Kishma Foy

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