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Eternity is a seemingly very long time and has reference to a number of things depending upon the situation. Some people refer to love as eternal, some to truth and others to star and sky. But in the words of Charlotte Gilman, “Eternity is something that begins after you are dead. It’s going on all the time. We are in it now”. So, man has no competence to say what eternity is and which actions will come under this canopy. We only have the present at hand because the past and the future are not in our hands. In tragedy, every moment is eternity; in comedy eternity is a moment. This clearly shows that eternity is only a feeling that reacts according to the situation and the mood we are in. Human life is limited and no one can live in eternity and beyond. So, let us utilize this moment which we have and cherish it through our good virtues.


Joshua Aaron Guillory

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