Dawn Quotes & Sayings

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Dawn is basically the first appearance of light in the sky in the morning. Dawn is a site of great natural beauty. At beaches, the dawn seems to be more beautiful and the sunlight that is felt is dazzling. Dawn time is early morning time, before proper sunrise. Another meaning attached to the word “dawn” is the onset or beginning of something. In the words of Thomas Jefferson, “Enlighten people generally, and tyranny and oppression of body and mind will disappear and vanish, like evil spirits at the dawn of the day.” Thomas Jefferson considers that educating people will go a long way in removing their physical and mental sufferings. According to ancient mythology, it is considered that at midnight, when darkness prevails, evil spirits keep on lurking around in the air. At the dawn of the day, the evil spirits vanish completely. Hence, day time is valued more than the night.



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