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Conquest is taking control over any nation or its inhabitants by employing military force. Conquests are preceded by conflicts and long-lasting armed struggle, invariably. Conquests are simultaneously accompanied with bloodshed and loss of several lives. Alexander the Great was revered for the several conquests that he made as a leader. John Boyd Orr has made a subtle comment regarding conquests. “Empires won by conquest have always fallen either by revolt or defeat by a rival.” Empires won by conquest don’t persist for long. They also fall as a result of internal conflicts among its inhabitants. Thus, a conquest should be the last refuge of any king or nation. Conquests can’t be made that easily. You need your forces on the battlefield wherein you always risk their lives. The result of a battle may or may not go in your favor. So, it is useless to risk the skin of so many soldiers.


Malika E Nura

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