Divorce Quotes & Sayings

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Divorce simply means to legally end a marriage, after settlement in a court. People opt for a divorce when they are extremely unhappy with their marital lives, on some pretext or the other. You might not feel compatible with your spouse and might be having regular fights on trivial issues. Generally, after a divorce, the court decided who will keep the custody of the children, in case the couple has any. Alimony is also given to the wife, by her ex-husband as a sort of compensation. In the words of Margaret Atwood, “A divorce is like an amputation: you can survive it, but there is less of you.” While filing a divorce, the husband and wife both hire lawyers, to defend their case. The lawyers are supposed to be people who change shades like a chameleon. In the words of Mervin Mitchelson, “A divorce lawyer is a chameleon, with a law book in hand.”



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