Being Lonely Quotes & Sayings

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Being lonely is the toughest part of ones life. Man is a social animal and we are made to live in harmony with others. But it so happens that sometimes we are forced to being alone. Loneliness kills a person and gives unnecessary and unpleasant thoughts mother Theresa said, “The most terrible poverty is loneliness and the feeling of being unloved”. Being lonely is felt more by elders who are discarded by the younger generation. They long to be loved and yearn for affection and care. It is the responsibility of those around and try to make them feel secure. To quote Ronald Anthony, “when we truly realize that we are all alone, is when we need others the most”. Being lonely is more painful than getting hurt. Spending a few minutes or hours with those who are being and feeling lonely gives them great happiness and satisfaction. Anyone can do this. Read these quotes on being lonely and share it with others.



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