Dads Quotes & Sayings

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“Dad” is the casual way that we refer to our fathers. Dads and children share a very special bond. Children love the company of their dads and love to spend time with them. Dads being the breadwinner of the family may not always have a lot of time to devote to their children. Upbringing the children is the responsibility, which mostly lies in the hands of moms or mothers. But dads should strive to spend time with their kids and follow their growing up process very closely. Like moms, dads should also work towards striking a balance in their personal and professional life and try to find some quality time with their family. A happy and close family is one in which both the parents work together to give the best of things to their children, perhaps a life that they could never get or had conceived of. Dads should shoulder their family responsibilities sincerely and with dedication.



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