Gangsta Quotes & Sayings

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Gangsta is a term derived from the original term gangster, which was a title that described those who participated in the early Mafia groups or Irish and Italian descent. In some settings the word gangsta is used to insult a person, as to say in a sarcastic manner that they may not be as tough as they think they really are. In other settings people usually who desire to commit crimes in order to make a living for themselves proclaim themselves as gangstas. Self-proclaimed gangstas may be members of actual gangs, and may even be involved in gang warfare, while some who brandish the title are in fact not really criminals or gangsta at all. Gangsta’s tend to live in poor socioeconomic conditions, and usually blame these poor upbringings on their lifestyle choice. Gangsta’s for the most part statistically either end up in jail for long periods of time, or dead, due to their lifestyle choices.



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