Alcohol Quotes & Sayings

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Alcohol addiction is a serious thing which has the tendency to make a person upside down by virtue and all. The first thing that dissolves in alcohol is dignity. When it is taken in very small quantities, it is harmless and when it crosses the limit, it poses a big problem to those around and to the self. When alcohol interferes with the work, the person is a heavy drinker and when work interferes with alcohol, the person becomes an alcoholic and an addict. Initially, a sip is enough to drag the person into the habit and gradually alcohol drinks him completely. A person felt that alcohol is a temporary solution to all their problems but they don’t seem to realize that it drinks their life in installments and pushes them deep into grave. These quotes on alcohol also include the personal experiences of addicts and have to be carefully noticed not to get into this habit even for fun.


Charith Thilina

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