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Idleness is the state of being idle or not being in use. A famous saying goes, “an idle mind is the house of devils “. It is not disgraceful to work or over –work but it is disgraceful to be idle. Lord Chesterfield rightly says, “Idleness is the only refuge of weak minds and the holiday of fools. Idleness has the tendency to lower the spirits, bring down self-confidence and s sense of despondency. So, it is advisable to stay away from idleness and to stay away from those who are idle because idleness is infectious. But the dangerous part is an idle mind is the birth place of all kinds of vices, sins and miseries and hence must be absolutely avoided. Do something but don’t remain doing nothing. Even though there is no aim in doing some action, nevertheless do it because being idle causes more harm. Here are quotes that highlight the evils of idleness. Read them they are interesting.


Barbara De Angelis

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