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The ending is the end or final part of some event or process, which is about to come to a halt. The ending marks the final stage of something. All is well that ends well. A hard beginning makes a good ending. People generally concentrate on beginning and ending a task, well. In films, dramas or plays, a proper ending does a lot of good for the film. Some romantic films always have a candy-floss ending. All good things come to an end. In the words of Conrad Aiken, “All lovely things will have an ending, all lovely things will fade and die; And youth that’s now so bravely spending, will beg a penny by and by.” Ending should always be on a positive note and leave a great and indelible impact on our minds. Ending should be well-planned and decided, in advance. Otherwise, ending would be abrupt and improper, much to the dislike of all and sundry.


Hermann J Steinherr

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