Juries And Judges Quotes & Sayings

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Jury is a group of people who are qualified enough to deal with the proceedings of a legal case and are supposed to announce some decision based on the proof and the evidence that they come across. Jury can also refer to a group of eminent people who judge any competition and choose the winner. Charles Rangel had once remarked, “If we believe in our current penal process, then the penalties imposed by judges and juries should be the only sanctions for one's crime, not the invisible sanctions of the legislature.” Judges are public officers who decide a case in any court of law. Judges are eminent and qualified enough to form a judgement and give an opinion. In general, any person who decides the result of any competition can also be considered a judge. In the words of H.L. Mencken, “A judge is a law student who marks his own examination papers.”


Paballo Nhambiri

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