Teacher Retirement Quotes & Sayings

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Teacher retirement implies retirement of a teacher at school. When a teacher has finished his or her years of service to the school or college, he or she retires. Retirement of a capable teacher who has been serving an institution for long and was an asset to the school's staff of teachers is a big loss. Any new teacher who joins the institution in place of the teacher who has retired has big shoes to fill and many expectations from his role. But teacher retirement is inevitable and teachers are bound to retire when they reach their age of retirement. Schools and colleges have to bear with their loss but at the same time they should work hard to get appropriate replacements in place of retired teachers. Retirement of a highly experienced and seasoned teacher is a huge loss. But institutions can make up for it by recruiting new staff of teachers who are well-qualified enough to take the place of retired and experienced teachers.


Johann Georg Von Zimmermann

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