Acquaintance Quotes & Sayings

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Acquaintance is knowing each other to such an extent that you try to forgive their mistakes and get on well with the friendship. In a real friend, the depth of friendship does not depend on the length of acquaintance, Rabindranath Tagore said. Acquaintance will be depend when there is a mutual respect for each other, valuing each others views and sentiments and giving a patient hearing to the thoughts and ideas of the partner. If these are taken care of, an acquaintance is sure to blossom to a deep rooted friendship that would last long.

Acquaintances can be either casual or intentional or accidental but the way it is carried over, decides the life of it. If the objective is poor or not very clear, most of the acquaintances will fall off where as, the one with a bright and clear vision lasts long. These quotes on acquaintances are fit to be sent to your new or old acquaints and the scope of developing it further.


Nishan Panwar

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