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Being there implies your presence at some particular time. Your presence at certain places becomes mandatory and you should be there to confirm your presence and interest. Being there where you ought to be at a particular is always essential. Being there can also be used to indicate the place, stature or position that you aspire to reach in some years. If you have a goal or plan in mind, work towards it. If you want to attain a position within some years in the future, visualize reaching and being there at the position. You can only pave the way for your own success and achievement. So, visualize of being “there” i.e. being at your dream destination. Jay Kay had remarked, “Toby not being there doesn't bother me, I mean I can work with anybody as long as we get along and as long as they've got an understanding of what I want and what I'm aiming for. To start with, when he left, it was difficult.”


Ces Peta

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