Being Played Quotes & Sayings

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Some people are being played by their partners or friends just for no fault of theirs. It is only due tot eh fact that there are mean minded people who exploit the weakness of others and use them for their own interest. Such betrayal is bad because it leaves on the scar on those who are being played. Being played is quite common in partners. When one person feels that he or she has found the right person in this world to live all life long, and when they come to know that they are only being played by them, it gives great pain and discomfort that is hard to console. But on second thought it is possible to realize that only a weak hearted person will fall a prey to being played. If you have a strong will power, it is impossible to make use of you and then discard your companionship. “If someone betrays you once, it is their fault. If they betray you twice, its your fault “said Eleanor Roosevelt. Read these quotes on being played. They are useful.



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