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We think that we have understood the nature, composition and structure of the universe but this is only tip of the iceberg. Astronomy is incomprehensible and so complex that the research and findings on astronomy are endless. “Astronomy has revealed the great truth that the whole universe is bound together by one all pervading influence” William Leitch said. As we get into deeper and deeper into the study of astronomy, it dawns on us how insignificant we are, in comparison. But to enjoy the stars and the moon, you need not study astronomy. Numerous stories and fictions have come, based on astronomy and they are quite interesting. Stories that are based on real facts are all more interesting because there is still study going on in astronomy. As Arthur C Clarke says, “two possibilities exist, either we are alone in this universe or we are not and both are equally terrifying”. Send these quotes on astronomy to various persons and kindle their interest.


Ernst Mayr

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