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Rap is basically the spoken or chanted rhythmic lyrics and has gained huge popularity of late. The beat that goes along with rap is the attention catching significance of rap. Rap is made use of in song, prose and poetry too and has become a huge hit, thanks to the rhythmic selection of words. But today, rapping is very often associated with hip hop music and the youth are dragged to rap music easier and faster. Tupic sahkur is one such celerity who has enjoyed a good status in rapping. There are numerous sings and quotes given out by him “unless we share with each other, we gotta start making changes”. Rap has come here to stay because even a child is attracted toward rap due to sheer attraction of the rhythmic usage of words. Kanye West says, “ I rap in such a way where the hood can respect it but I can sit in front of a white executive and spit the exact same verse and he’ll understand at least eighty percent of it “. Read these quotes on rap and enjoy.


Tech N9ne

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