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Eyes are the sense organs meant for sight or vision in humans and animals. Eyes are really sensitive to sunrays and chemicals. To shield our eyes from sun rays, we can wear sunglasses. The colour of the pigment in the retina, determines your eye colour. Eyes can be black, blue, green, blue or grey in colour. Eyes enhance a woman’s beauty, especially if they are wide and glittery make-up such as eye-liner; mascara, eye shadow etc. have been applied on the eyes. In the words of Albert Einstein, “Few are those who see with their own eyes and feel with their own hearts.” As a sense organ, eyes are sensitive and should be taken care of. Several eye disorders can trouble you if you don’t protect your eyes from germs or infections. Colour blindness is an eye disorder, when the eye cannot distinguish between colours. Mark Twain had once remarked,” You can’t depend upon your eyes when your imagination is out of focus”, and rightly so.


Kruthika Chidambaranathan

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