Borrowing Quotes & Sayings

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Borrowing is the half brother of begging. If you abhor begging then you must abhor borrowing too. Borrowing occurs only when you are not equipped to face any unforeseen circumstances or situations which are only the fault of your own self. Borrowing is justified only you tend to borrow knowledge, experience and the like and not material things. Borrowing is at its worst when you tend to borrow from your friend,- of course strangers do not lend you anything-because borrowing has very bad effect on friendship. Joss Moore says before borrowing money from a friend it is best to decide which you need most. The practice of borrowing must be shunned at the early childhood days itself. But, what to do? Even while teaching mathematics and subtraction in school we teach children to borrow from the previous place value. Read on these quotes on borrowing and see the change they bring in your mind.



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