Blindness Quotes & Sayings

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Blindness can be either physically or figuratively. If blindness is physical right from birth or after a certain age as in john Milton, it is only external. John Milton said, “to be blind is not miserable, not to be able to bear blindness, that is miserable. This sorry state of blindness can be overcome to some extent with the help of others and getting accustomed to the situation. But blindness in the figurative sense is worse because such blindness refuses to see things that are ought to be seen. “There is a condition worse than blindness and that is seeing something that is not there” said Thomas Hardy. We refuse to see the good thing sin others, the beautiful and lovely traits of others and all these can also be termed as blindness. Let’s get out of this blindness and open our eyes to envision a new life. Here are thoughtful quotes on blindness. Read them.


Joshua Aaron Guillory

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