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Cinema is the most influential medium and when used in the proper way has the capability of making great changes in the minds of people, in the society and in the world as a whole. “Cinema is the most beautiful fraud in the world” says Jean luc Godard. But there are thousands of people who make millions of cinemas but a true and successful cinema must make you forget that you are sitting in a theater. Some of the cinemas are a reflection or an extension of our dreams. Those who cannot achieve what they envision in a dream prefer to make or watch cinema. There is a wide range of difference between peoples of various countries the way in which cinema is used. But the ultimate aim should be to do well for the society and not bring harm to it in any way, just for the sake of making money for the few who are involved in its making. Here are various quotes on cinema given by popular artists and personalities throughout the world. You can utilize them to share with your friends or just read and enjoy.


Kate Winslet

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