Fear Quotes & Sayings

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Fear is the frightening thought that causes anxiety or worry. Fear gives you negative thoughts and reduces your self confidence. Fear must be present only while doing unwanted immoral actions and not for darkness or anything else. Fear is the first hindrance towards for all your actions. A coward is never appreciated but only made fun of by others. In contrast, one who is fearless to tread any path wins the appreciation and gains a lot of confidence and courage. Fear has the tendency to spread like wild fire and is also contagious. Hence, we should keep fear out. Fear increases the challenge and will not help to come out of the crisis. But when we try to analyze after a while, we see that it was highly silly to have developed fear for such trivial things and we try to scoff at it. “Fear is the lengthened shadow of ignorance “said Arnold Glasgow. The first step towards wisdom is to conquer fear and remove it from our minds. So, be wise.



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