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Something that can manage to strike a chord with your heart is considered to be heart-touching. Not everything can be that heart-touching or have a similar or related appeal. People come up with all sorts of heart-touching literary write-ups, poems, novels, movies, songs etc. Such masterpieces are too hard to forget and cast an indelible impression on the minds of someone who goes through them, either by looking at them or by going through them. Heart-touching experiences or narratives often leave you emotional and teary-eyed. Sometimes, you can also experience something heart-touching that leave you bewildered and stunned beyond surprise. On the contrary, a heart-touching experience can be pleasantly sweet when someone does everything possible to keep you happy and bring a smile on your face. Enjoy such pleasant heart-touching moments when they happen to you. Not everything can touch your heart or have a heart-warming appeal. Cherish and appreciate heart-warming write-ups.


Leo Buscaglia

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