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Frist stem cell is a stem cell that grows differently and was proposed by Frist. It works on the principle of Altered Transfer Nucleus (ATN), transferring an altered nucleus into an egg, which makes the egg cell to produce pluripotent cells, thereby bypassing the embryonic stage. Embryo is actually created by this method though in the normal method of harvesting stem cells, the embryo is destroyed. This method thus solves a major ethical dilemma. In the words of Mark Udall, “Frist Stem cells have the potential to be used to treat and better understand some of the world's most deadly and disabling diseases.” Ethics and Medics published a description of this method. It is written in a technical tone, but it will impart lots of information to you. David Stevens had remarked, “We deeply regret Sen. Frist’s endorsement of an embryonic stem cell research policy that would turn living beings into commodities for exploitation.”

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