Deep Love Quotes & Sayings

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Deep love implies having deep feelings for someone. If you are in deep love, you are very serious about the other person. People in deep love can go to any extent to make their love feel happy and ecstatic. They believe in laying down their souls for their love. Love is nothing but extreme liking for someone. Deep love should not be confused with casual love or infatuation, for that matter. In the other cases, the couple takes their relationship lightly and goes with the flow of things, what we call today as “modern day romance.” If things do not work out and go haywire, they decide to part their ways and move on. Modern day relationships are always casual, no one believes in getting too serious for someone else, and staying hooked to each other, especially when the relationship shows signs of wearing down. It is better to refrain from deeply loving someone at a young age, especially when it is not mutual.


Terry Mark

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