Mother Quotes & Sayings

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Mother is the personification of love and is the angel sent by god to look after her children. “God could not be everywhere, so he created mothers”. A mother showers love on her children forgives their mistakes and stands a pillar of strength, courage, inspiration and solace for them. She is the bank where all the emotions, sorrows and expectations of the children are deposited. Mother has a secret code of language with her child and can understand what the child is trying to say, which no one else can. The word mother can work magic on the ears of the child. She is not only a friend, philosopher and guide but a god living right in front of the eyes of children and can be reached out easily. Even those who have escalated to high positions in the society are just a child in front of their mother, irrespective of their age. The love of mother knows no bounds and hence there is no limit to the number of times a mother forgives her child. Hundreds of sayings and quotes have been said on mother yet they are not boring. Read them and value the mother.



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