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Funny anniversary implies celebrating anniversary or togetherness in a happy manner. Anniversary can also pertain to someone's birth anniversary. Anniversaries can be fun if you intend to celebrate it with all your loved ones and relatives. The presence of your special people of your special people around you on either your marriage anniversary or birth anniversary can make everything quite happy and amusing. Funny anniversary can be celebrated by planning a family or friends get-together and throwing a party. Funny anniversary moments can be clicked as well as captured in a camera. Funny anniversary videos, quotes, sayings, maxims etc. can be easily found online. One should celebrate a funny anniversary with great zest and fervor and plan it well in advance. Song sequences or a video capturing some images and stills from the person's life can be dedicated to the person on his birth anniversary. For married people, a dance on a romantic number can be played in between, as a surprise.

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