Backstabbing Friend Quotes & Sayings

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Friends are supposed to be reliable and trustworthy. But there are certain people who, in the veil of friendship, take undue advantage and try to exploit our weakness. Such backstabbing friends should be immediately identified and avoided. But analyzing things, we observe that backstabbers are strong only when our back is turned. If we are strong enough with great will power, not to heed to the unworthy advice for such friends, we will not offer a chance for them to back stab us. “Backstabbers will almost always seek to gain your trust and this usually involves some form of flattery on their part”. Backstabbing friends are afraid of their insecure status which drives them to indulge in such worthless acts they will repent for their actions one day. So, identify such people and avoid them .these quotes on backstabbing friends will offer guidance



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