Making Decisions Quotes & Sayings

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Making decisions is the most crucial part of ones life. It decides the course of our life and in turn our fate. There are too many options before us and that is the problem. One small wrong decision can make or break the whole issue. Napoleon Bonaparte rightly said, “nothing is more difficult and therefore, more precious than to be able to decide’. This applies to all kinds of decisions big or small individual or groups or even for nations. The decision taken at the right time offers fruitful results but it will be known only after the effect has happened. So, we should think twice before making a decision. Further, it is also vital to make the right decision at eh right time because even decision made after a prolonged time will not be effective. So, making decisions at the right time is the mark of wisdom and the secret to success. Here is a collection of quotes on decision making. Read them and decide.


Charlamagne Tha God

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