Humorous Christmas Quotes & Sayings

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Christmas is probably that time of the year when it is 'all play and no work'. We celebrate and cherish these days more than any time of the year and finally, bid adieu to the calendar year. Christmas is fun, humor, gatherings, guests, gifts and what not? Every year, many people look forward to a humorous Christmas. They do so through various ways such as: sharing humorous greeting messages with their friends, exchanging funny gifts and invitations etc. making the season by far the jolliest time of the year. This whole concept of humorous Christmas greetings and gifts is rather in vogue these days and people seem to like it a lot. For those who still haven't tried or heard of it, maybe they should just be a touch more active on the internet. Beyond all these things there lies a very strong message that this festival stands for. It is that of kindness, brotherhood, goodwill and most importantly gratitude.



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