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Mean girl is a term that has evolved since the late 1900’s around the world. The band Status Quo first made the song Mean Girl in the 1970’s, about a mean girl who was thought at first to be a girl that was wanted but then later on realized that she was not the type of girl that a man would want. In 2004 the term Mean Girl was once again brought back to life with the teen comedy drama Mean Girls. This movie gave many a good look at what a Mean Girl really was by portraying mean girls as girls who truly had low self-esteem and a lack of confidence, and in order to suffice for this, stepped on other people in their environment in order to make themselves look better to others, even though on the inside they still were left feeling the same. Mean girls are usually thought to be teenage girl bullies who lack in confidence and who pick on other people in order to make themselves feel more confident.


Francine Chiar

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