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Drama is the portrayal of a literary piece of work, called “play” on stage. A sequence of exciting events, culminates in a drama. Drama is a popular form of entertainment that has been used for entertainment of huge audiences, since ages. Movies also have drama in them, coupled with dance sequences, screenplay etc. Dramatic movies are enjoyed by all and sundry. In the words of George P. Baker, “Acted drama requires surrender of one’s self; sympathetic absorption in the play as it develops.” Drama always amuses and entertains people because of its climax and anticlimax, primarily. These two interesting points in a drama, decide the course that it will follow. Drama has been a popular form of entertainment, since times immemorial. Joe Garagiola, finds baseball as a dramatic game. Quote verbatim, “Baseball is drama, with an endless run and an ever-changing caste.” Enjoy the drama whenever you get a chance to watch a game like baseball, where things change, within a split second.



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