Bad Friends Quotes & Sayings

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Bad friends have to be identified correctly in the right time and should be avoided. If they are bad they can never be termed as friends but are just acquaintances. Bad friends will only drag you into bad habits. Companions who were once friends, when they turn out to be bad are worse because they know your entire secret and may drag you down anytime. So, it is crucial to identify true friendship and confide only in them. Bad friends are always a trouble. Stephen king said, “no good friends no bad friends only people you want, need to be with .People who build their houses in your heart”. Bad friends are worse than our enemies. So they should always be kept at a distance. Enemies will stab you in your friend and we will be aware of their moves. But bad friends will stab at the back without us knowing what their moves will be. This kind of betrayal is very hard to undergo. So, get rid of bad friends.


Sonya Parker

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