Pacifism Quotes & Sayings

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Pacifism gains great significance particularly in this century which has seen two world wars and a lot of blood shed and a lot of human life. Waging war against another country just for the satisfaction of a few power hungry people is brutal. Propaganda against war is pacifism and as Ammon Hennacy said, “Being a pacifist to save our own life is normal, being a pacifist for the lives of others is true pacifism”. Several great things can be achieved through peace and non violence but there is not a single permanent pleasure that comes out of war. Tom Robbins rightly said “there are many things worth living for, a few things worth dying for and none worth killing for”. So, pacifism should be developed in the hearts of all citizens those who love peace should not be seen as enemies against patriotism. Here is a collection of quotes on pacifism given by leaders who have realized the value and cost of peace.


Ammon Hennacy

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