Nonviolence Quotes & Sayings

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Non violence is the best weapon developed by man so far and we cannot forget Mahatma Gandhi who practiced it successfully to attain freedom from the British rule. Non violence is the much needed thing in this war torn century. Human beings are one full entity and it is maddening to kill one another for the sake of a piece of land or power. Gandhi proved that anything can be achieved through non violence. “First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight with you, then you win” he said. Nonviolence has never lost any battle; it is the one that ultimately wins not only the battle but also the hearts. Non violence is not the sign of weakness. It is the sign of courage, determination and dignity. Nonviolence teaches you that not only victory that matters but the way in which we attain victory also maters. It does not give you any guilt conscience. Here is the collection of quotes on this most powerful and beautiful weapon called non violence.



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