Preachers And Preaching Quotes & Sayings

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The preaching of a preacher must be such that it brings a change and has its effect on the congregation. Everyone cannot be a preacher and it requires great skill to be one but it requires far more skill to practice what one is preaching. Only those who practice what they preach will be looked upon with respect by others. “If you think of practicing what you preach is rough, just try preaching what you practice” said Bowen Baxter. He preaches well that lives well. The preaching adds great value only when the preacher has his or her own value. Preachers are more in focus in the society as compared to others because they offer advice, guidance and support to the mass and hence are in the limelight most of the time. It becomes all the more essential to hold great virtue in this position. Read this collection of quotes on preachers and preaching and come to a conclusion.



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