Parenthood Quotes & Sayings

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Parenthood is a great phase in one’s life. It not only involves pleasure of bringing the children up, seeing their pranks and enjoying their intimacy but it also involves a large responsibility on the shoulder of the parents. Though we enter into parenthood on a lighter vein by sharing our life with the partner, it gives us a sense of responsibility to try our best to see to it that our children are brought in the best of surroundings, education, and society and so on. The words of Jesse Jackson “your children need your presence more than your presents” is symbolic of the fast life and the way parents pay less attention to their children. While we see our children grow up, we forget our comforts, joys and this sacrifice will not be realized until the children attain their parenthood. Lionel Kauffman Halrosuly remarks, “Children are a great comfort in your old age and they help you reach it faster too”. Relish these quotes on parenthood.



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