Danger Quotes & Sayings

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Danger is the possibility of experiencing anything unpleasant or harmful. One should always be vigilant and alert so as to ward off any imminent danger. Dangerous and harmful substances like cigarette, liquor, drugs etc should not be consumed. Such substances are fatal to human health and can have bad repercussions on one’s health. All of us fear danger and dangerous circumstances. Sign boards are put up at places where there is any danger or risk to human life. In the words of Michael Angelo “The greatest danger for all of us lies not in setting our aims too high.” To be successful in life, it is very important to be ambitious and focussed towards your goals. Your ambitions should be sky high. Under achievers basically lag behind high achievers, because of their paltry and mediocre aims. This is the essence of this quote by Michael Angelo.


William E Lewis Jr

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