Being True To Yourself Quotes & Sayings

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Being true to yourself is being realistic and practical. You need to be aware of your own potential, strengths and weaknesses. You should never bluff yourself and live on a false image or hope. If you cannot be true to yourself, you can never be true to others. Learn to analyze yourself judiciously. The more true you will be to yourself, the faster will be the rate at which you will realize your own follies, strengths and weaknesses. People can be true to themselves by analyzing themselves without any bias. A practically sound judgment of oneself can only pave the way to one’s progress and success. Learn and cultivate the habit of being true or honest to yourself. Never be false to yourself and be your best friend. Know yourself fully, always confess your mistakes and follies and realize them. In the words of Rita Dove, “Being true to yourself really means, being true to all the complexities of the human spirit.”


Barbara De Angelis

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