Pleasure Quotes & Sayings

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Pleasure is a feeling of happiness or satisfaction the essence of pleasure is spontaneity. When we feel the pleasure, we tend to immediately express it through a smile, laugh or any bodily reaction. “Simple pleasure is always the last refuge of the complex ‘said Sir Oscar wilde. Pleasure can arise out of a variety of things but of all pleasures, the greatest one is the satisfaction of being understood by others. But some of the pleasure are misleading and ultimately takes us to wrong doings. “Pleasure is the greatest incentive to evil” said Plato. If only we know the thin line that divides the pleasure that gives good or bad result, we will never get into trouble. Pleasure must succeed to pleasure else past pleasure turns to pain. This will happen only when our pleasure is justified and is according to the set rules of life. Here is a collection of various cause and effects of pleasure.



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