Hurt Feelings Quotes & Sayings

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When someone has hurt feelings they experience pain emotionally. This pain may range from severe pain, to pain that isn’t severe at all whatsoever, but whatever pain level it may be, it is still there. Sometimes when someone’s feelings are hurt they are hurt because a person didn’t say or do the things that another person may have expected them to do. A person’s hurt feelings may stem from a variety of causes including but not limited to, an unexpected break up, not achieving what they desired to achieve, not being noticed by someone that they are attracted to, being thought of as less than what they really are by their peers, and so on. Having hurt feelings is not a habit that many people enjoy experiencing, and is an experience that many of us prefer to avoid if at all possible. In order to help avoid our feelings being hurt it is best to not be overly sensitive, and to consider the fact that even though life is great for the most part, there will still be let downs.



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