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Punk is the youth movement that was popular in the late seventies. The group of people belonging to punk had a characteristic style, an aggressive rock band with unconventional hair style, outfit and make up. The punk rock band became so famous when they decided that the attitude of people belonging to that group started becoming synonymous with the word punk. Punk is also used in a more offensive term for someone who is lazy, worthless and arrogant. Punks try to stand apart from the crowds through their attitude. “We are not trying to be different; we just are “said Lauren Tazelaar. There are few people who have adopted the punk style and become famous with a great fan crowd who were and followers of punk. “Hot funk, cold punk even if its old junk, its still rock and roll to me “said Billy Joel. Here is a collection of quotes given by punk and about punk. Read them they are interesting.

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