Betrayal Quotes & Sayings

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Betrayal is often associated with love though it can also happen between friends, business partners and so on. Betray can happen only when there is love and the lack of trust is the reason behind betrayal. Betrayal and deceit are two qualities that are abhorred because it has a very bad effect on the other person, the relationship between them and their future. The scar of betrayal can never be erased and lasts for a very long time. It takes a long period of time to build trust, friendship or relation ship but only a moment to betray or be betrayed. A betraying friend is many folds worse than an enemy. You can even forgive your enemy but not a friend who has betrayed. So, be cautious about such friends around you and identify them. Read these quotes on betrayal and get knowledge and try to keep secrets away from such people as much as possible.


John Stuart Mill

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